Date:December 19, 2012


Farmer Access to Innovation Resources (FAIR)

Working through the Prolinnova network, ETC coordinates action research on farmer-led agricultural research and development funding mechanisms to support and promote local innovation. FAIR aims to develop mechanisms to channel Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) funds to farmer innovators, so that they can further develop, document and promote their innovations and accelerate local innovation processes. Partners are testing various local-level funding mechanisms that encourage innovation and that are directly accessible by farmers, who can decide on what to experiment and with which partners. The three main activities include:

(1)    Implement, monitor and evaluate the Local Innovation Support Funds (LISF) pilots in eight countries. A comprehensive M&E framework captures key findings, documents the results and is used to adapt and realign implementation strategies.

(2)    Capacity building of farmers and other stakeholders at all levels handling the LISF

(3)    Create awareness and gain acceptance for the LISF approach among research and development institutions as well as policymakers.

In 2012, organisations involved in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda developed strategies for scaling up LISFs within their respective countries. See for more details.

Countries / Countries Cambodia, Ethiopia,   Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda
Duration of project 2006–2012
Client / partner CEDAC (Cambodia),   ASE (Ethiopia), ACDEP (Ghana), World Neighbors (Kenya), LIBIRD (Nepal),   Farmer Support Group (South Africa), PELUM Tanzania (Tanzania), and Environmental   Alert (Uganda)
Donor DGIS, DURAS,   Rockefeller Foundation
Contact person (within ETC) Laurens van Veldhuizen (, Ann Waters-Bayer   (