Date:January 24, 2013

African Biocultural Community Protocol Initiative

ETC-COMPAS is coordinating the African Bio-cultural Community Protocol (BCP) Initiative in partnership with Natural Justice, the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD), and the ABS Capacity Development Initiative for Africa (ABS Initiative). The initiative involves eleven community-based organisations (CBOs) in six countries. Its aims to support the further development and implementation of Biocultural Community Protocols towards multi-stakeholder dialogues and legal recognition; facilitating peer learning and exchange of experiences; documentation of lessons learned; building the capacity of African law practitioners and CBOs and representatives for effective legal support; and developing biocultural rights courses and training programmes. For more information, please visit


Countries /   Countries Pilot countries: Ghana, South Africa, Kenya. Peer   learning countries: Namibia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso.
Duration of   project 2011-2014
Client /   partner Natural Justice (South Africa), CIKOD (Ghana)
Donor GIZ, OSISA, Shuttleworth Foundation, The Christensen   Fund
Contact   person (within ETC) Wim Hiemstra