Date:December 19, 2012


Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research to strengthen Community Resilience to Change

CLIC-SR aims at strengthening smallholder communities’ resilience to change by enhancing their innovative capacity and livelihood security through Participatory Innovation Development (PID) – with a special focus on gender issues. It builds the capacity of local organisations working in agriculture and natural resource management (NRM) to support smallholder communities, especially women, in their efforts to adapt, shares experiences on farmer-led adaptation and about the relevance of PID in this process and tries to mainstream PID as an accepted approach in national and international policies and programmes related to agricultural development, NRM and climate change.

ETC coordinates this regional project supported by IIRR in the Philippines in the area of monitoring and evaluation. ETC provides both technical and management support to the four organisations coordinating country-level activities that, in turn, work with research institutes and other stakeholders in Prolinnova Country Platforms. ETC also takes part in policy processes at the international level and ensures that lessons learnt are compiled and made available globally.

Countries / Countries Ethiopia, Kenya,   Tanzania and Uganda
Duration of project 2001–ongoing
Client / partner PANE (Ethiopia),   World Neighbors (Kenya), INADES Formation (Tanzania), Environmental Alert   (Uganda)
Donor Rockefeller   Foundation
Contact person (within ETC) Laurens van Veldhuizen (, Ann Waters-Bayer   (