Date:March 21, 2013

Closed loop farming

Dairy farming in The Netherlands is a challenge! With unpredictable milk prices the only way out seems to be scale enlargement to reduce fixed costs. But is this really the best option? A small but growing group of dairy farmers reduces costs by decreasing inputs and developing skills with Closed Loop Farming.

What is Closed Loop Farming
Closed Loop Farming decreases dependency on external inputs by bringing the farm back to its own strength: the optimum nutrient cycle. By focusing on nutrient efficiency and by putting quality before quantity a more robust and flexible farm is created, going hand in hand with nature and environment.

From the year 2002 onwards over 500 farmers got involved through training in study groups. An extensive national network emerged. The graph below shows monitored results: lower nitrate emissions. An integrated sustainability score has been developed using the People Planet Profit approach. This facilitates scoring economic and environmental sustainability, as well as animal health and wellbeing.

For more information visit the page on Closed Loop Farming