Date:July 21, 2014

External Mid-Term Evaluations of the EU/UNICEF Partnership on Nutrition Security in Asia (MYCNSIA) and Africa ANSP)

project ansp

Early in 2013 ETC Nederland acquired an important evaluation assignment in the domain of nutrition security. It concerns a series of evaluations of twin programmes executed by UNICEF in Asia (five countries) and in Africa (four countries). The Asia programme is called Maternal and Young Child Nutrition Security Initiative (MYCNSIA) while the Africa programme is ANSP: the Africa Nutrition Security Partnership. The two programmes have been conceived in the same vein, since both focus on multi-sectoral approaches which are necessary to address the problem of chronic undernutrition. A common key feature is the focus on ‘’the first thousand days” which is the foetal period spent in the womb plus the first two years of life as an infant and young child. These first thousand days are crucial to address chronic malnutrition – a form of malnutrition which is apparent, among other things, in “stunting”. Chronic malnutrition has long been an underrated, since hidden problem. Fortunately it is receiving increased interest since the adverse effects on physical and intellectual development have by now been well established. The prevalence of chronic malnutrition is staggering, to an extent that “stunting” is no longer noticed as something that could or should be avoided.

Both MYCNSIA and ANSP have objectives which reach beyond the individual countries, to the regional or even continental level. The actual activities fall in two broad categories: (a) high impact nutrition interventions such as maternal and infant and young child feeding, micronutrient supplementation, fortification of staple foods and management of acute malnutrition; and (b) “mainstreaming” of nutrition through promotion of nutrition-sensitive strategies in agriculture, food security, social protection, gender, health and WASH, among others.

Countries / Countries Indonesia, Philippines, Lao PDF, Nepal, and Bangladesh;  Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali and Uganda
Duration of project Two overlapping periods of some 8 months each
Client / partner UNICEF
Donor European Union
Contact person (within ETC) Joanne Harnmeijer and Bert Lof