Date:December 19, 2012


Including Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development (INSARD)

INSARD is working towards making it easier for CSOs – both NGOs and farmer organisations – to be actively involved in influencing agricultural research systems in Africa. Involving CSOs in agricultural research for development (ARD) helps scientists understand the needs of smallholders. Such organisations are important for shaping ARD because, to have a positive impact on smallholder, the research needs to involve them at all stages: in determining needs, identifying problems and opportunities, designing and testing new possibilities, sharing results, and assessing the way the research is done and the results shared. Incorporating smallholders into ARD in this way will help to better serve their needs and to discover and spread innovations that farmers have been involved in developing.

Some CSOs are already involved in ARD in different parts of Africa, but their efforts to influence the wider research agenda are not well coordinated. INSARD tries to help change that by:

  •  Designing a method that allows CSOs to participate effectively in regional and international discussions on ARD
  •  Linking European and African CSOs to influence ARD policies and practices to strengthen demand driven ARD
  •  Helping CSOs define research priorities, based on small-scale farmers’ demands

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Countries / Countries Africa – global
Duration of project 2011–2013
Client / partner  ESAFF   (Eastern and Southern Africa Small-Scale Farmers’ Forum), GRET (Professionals   for fair development), PELUM Association and REPAOC (Réseau des Plates-formes   nationales d’ONG d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre).
Donor European Commission
Contact person (within ETC) Marianne Meijboom (