Date:December 19, 2012


JOint Learning in Innovation Systems in African Agriculture (JOLISAA)

JOLISAA is a consortium of African and European partners collaborating in JOLISAA, mobilising individuals from diverse discipline and backgrounds. It aims to learn from recent experiences in multistakeholder agricultural innovation in three African countries (Benin, Kenya and South Africa), with a specific interest in understanding the role of local knowledge in innovation processes. JOLISAA partners will synthesise the findings and lessons across a series of case studies and bring these into international and national policy dialogue on agricultural research and development. In this way, JOLISAA seeks to help identify research and policy priorities that address the needs and demands of small-scale farmers and other rural actors in developing countries. For more information, see


Countries / Countries Benin, Kenya, South Africa
Duration of project 2010-2013
Client / partner
  • KARI (Kenya Agricultural Research Institute), Kenya
  • UAC–FSA (University of Abomey-Calavi, Faculty of Agronomic Science), Benin
  • UP (University of Pretoria), South Africa.
  • CIRAD (Agricultural Research Centre for International Development), France
  • WUR–LEI (Wageningen University and Research, Agricultural Economics Research Centre), Netherlands
  • ICRA (International Centre for development-oriented Research in Agriculture), Netherlands / France.


Donor European Commission
Contact person (within ETC),