Date:December 19, 2012

MEET-BIS Vietnam

Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency Through Business Innovation Support Vietnam (MEET-BIS Vietnam)

The MEET-BIS Vietnam project promotes sustainable production of urban SMEs in Vietnam by providing them access to affordable clean energy and water and energy efficiency products through scalable, commercially viable business innovation packages. MEET-BIS offers an innovative approach to create a multiplier effect in promoting sustainable production.

The MEET-BIS project develops public private partnerships with key players in energy efficiency technologies (partner companies include international firms such as Philips Lighting, OSRAM, and Schneider as well as leading Vietnamese firms) and water management technologies. MEET-BIS does not sell efficiency technologies for SMEs, but assists the partner suppliers to do so. To enhance their sales capacity for these products, the project assists in:

  • Development of Business Innovation Packages, with a clear added value to SME clients;
  • Development of applicable technical sales skills and marketing materials;
  • Hands-on technical installation- and after sales service-training;
  • Support in the development of a dealer and distributor network targeting SMEs;
  • Improving access to finance for both the suppliers and the SMEs they target;
  • Increasing awareness among SMEs about the benefits of energy efficiency and water saving.

The result will be that 750 SMEs have shown interest in energy efficiency and water saving technology, and 315 have bought EE or WS products over the project life span. It is foreseen that over 6250 SME’s will be reached in the five years after the project has ended.

Download White Paper: “Commercial solutions for clean technology for small to medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam”

Please watch video clip for the closing workshop, giving a visualization of 4,5 years of work:


Countries / Countries Vietnam
Duration of project 4 year
Client / partner European Union Delegation Vietnam
Donor EC through SWITCH Asia
Contact person (within ETC) Eric Kamphuis