Date:December 05, 2012

Multi-country research

A Multi-country research on community home based care and their potential in scaling up HIV prevention, care and treatment programmes

ETC, in collaboration with the Athena Institute of the VU University in Amsterdam, assisted in the preparation and implementation of a multi country research on HIV. The overall purpose of the research was to inform (i) the Caregivers Action Network’s  efforts to influence international policy and research agenda with regard to care giving and (ii) the UNAIDS/WHO Treatment 2.0 agenda.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Explore the adaptations and changes in caregiving at the community level since the rapid-scale up of ART with a particular focus on the tasks of caregivers and the needs of their clientele
  • Assess how and to what extent caregiving by informal caregivers at community level has been integrated in the health system and is being recognised as part of primary health care structures and policies
  • Investigate the contributions, potential role of and benefits for caregivers in the expansion of HIV prevention, treatment and primary health care programmes
  • Assess the potential means for formal and informal community health worker programmes to complement each other in the context of decentralisation of HIV treatment programmes, taking into account current initiatives and arrangements

Research methodology included various tools such as: (i) data collection among international experts in HIV and primary health care, (ii) a desk review of existing literature, (iii) semi-structured interviews with key informants at the national level, (iv) in-depth studies of community caregiving programmes, and (vi) a second round of semi-structured interviews with key informant at national level, a questionnaire among a larger sample of community care and support organisations in-country as well as meetings to disseminate, verify, discuss and validate research findings. Preliminary research findings were presented at the International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. in July 2012. Publications in which the final research findings will be disseminated are forthcoming.

Countries/Countries South Africa, Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi
Duration of project One and a half years
Client/partner Cordaid, UNAIDS, Caregivers Action Network
Donor Cordaid, UNAIDS
Contactperson (within ETC) Carolien Aantjes