Date:January 24, 2013

Participatory Irrigated Agriculture Development for the Messica Irrigation Pilot Project

The Messica Irrigation Pilot Project aims to demonstrate that sustainable and pro-poor smallholder irrigation can be developed cost-effectively at a large scale using an innovative participatory approach to irrigation development.

In Sub-Sahara Africa the area under smallholder farmer-initiated irrigation is steadily growing. This shows that despite the complexity of smallholder irrigated agriculture, farmers do experiment and find irrigation solutions. MIPP crafts solutions to tackle obstacles farmers face by combining their experiences with engineering and other expert knowledge. Its objectives are:

1. A rural innovation approach to irrigation development, suitable for large-scale commercial implementation, elaborated and demonstrated
2. Experiences documented and made available widely
3. Hundred ha irrigated smallholder production sustainably developed
4. A participatory irrigation course developed and taught at the superior polytechnic in Chimoio
5. A group of 20 professionals trained in the irrigation development approach

ETC is part of a consortium consisting of a mix of organisations from Mozambique and the Netherlands including engineering firms, NGOs, and Wageningen University and ISPM (research and higher educational institutes). The role of ETC in this consortium is to organise and facilitate training events in the participatory irrigation development approach and assist WUR in facilitating the partnership.

Countries /   Countries Mozambique
Duration of   project 2012-2013
Client /   partner Wageningen University Research
Donor Partners for Water
Contact   person (within ETC) Laurens van Veldhuizen