Date:January 24, 2013

Power in multistakeholder processes

This thematic learning programme was coordinated by ETC Foundation on behalf of Dutch development NGOs and their southern partner organisations, with methodological support from the Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation (UR-CDI). The organisations are member of the Change Alliance. The organisations investigated how they could address and incorporate a deeper understanding of power dynamics in their work. The southern partner organisations participate in multistakeholder processes in topics that deal with: Participatory land use planning; Capacity building for weak stakeholders in the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil dispute settlement facility; Fairtrade value chains; The influence of communities (especially women) in forestry programmes,; The use of biocultural community protocols to deal with gold mining (Ghana) or large infrastructure project (Kenya) affecting community livelihoods; Commitment and capacity in home-based health care programmes; NGO capacity building in oil spills and gas flaring in Niger delta (Nigeria). Report and video can be found at:

Countries / Countries Ghana, Kenya.   Nigeria, Indonesia, Guatemala, Malawi, Philippines
Duration of project 2011–2012
Client / partner Both Ends, CORDAID, Fair Trade Orginal, ICCO, PSO, WASTE, WUR-CDI
Donor PSO
Contact person (within ETC) Wim Hiemstra