Date:December 19, 2012

Technical Training Programme

Technical Training Programme

The Technical Training Programme of ETC aims to contribute to human resource development in technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and to strengthen the organizational and institutional capacity of TVET providers through tailor-made projects. The programme works with partners (clients) that offer post-basic formal or informal technical and vocational education and training, largely at lower and middle levels. Examples of partners are technical schools, vocational training centres, educational institutions, small and medium enterprises and associations of these.

The programme is implemented in more than 15 countries in Asia and Africa, and receives financial support from international NGOs and private foundations.

The programme focuses on:

  • Improving the quality of curricula and linked teaching materials on technical subjects in the countries where the program operates
  • Improving the quality of teaching practices through ToT courses in technical skills and knowledge, didactic skills and teaching methods
  • Improving people’s capacities in response to the demand of labour market for specified technical training needs by providing tailor-made skills training courses for men and women
  • Improving entrepreneurial capabilities facilitating access to technical products and services predominantly in the area of energy and agriculture
  • Improving the functioning of organizations and institutions involved in TVET by advisory services and management support to institutions or programs involved in technical training that are hampered by managerial problems
  • Improving the nexus between educational institute and industry through in-service training arrangements with private sector and post-training service development
  • Sustainability and embedding of the TVET efforts


A total of 30-40 projects are implemented per year. In most of the projects, training and advisory services are offered through regular short-term interventions (1-4 weeks each, depending on the subject). A team of project coordinators/consultants , all provided by ETC, is responsible for managing the program. They provide technical assistance in all stages of the project cycle. The programme also makes use of a network of specialized technical training experts. These experts come from both the Netherlands and from developing countries, with the aim of encouraging the South-South transfer of knowledge and skills and information sharing.

Countries / Countries various (Africa, South-East Asia)
Duration of project 11 year
Client / partner Hulsebosch-Prior Fund
Donor private funds
Contact person (within ETC) Karen Bakhuisen