Date:December 19, 2012

Cook Stoves Project

The Improved Cook Stoves for Households and Institutions Project

The objective of the project is to enable women and men from rural and peri-urban households and institutions to acquire, use and maintain energy efficient wood-fuel cook stoves.

The results that the project will be achieving:

  • Fuel efficient woodfuel stoves available to, and within reach of, rural households and institutions in the action areas.
  • Rural and peri-urban households and institutions have acquired and are using and properly maintaining fuel efficient woodfuel stoves.
  • Local fuel wood supply being developed to ensure future supply to households and institutions.
  • Rural women effectively participate in the project both as entrepreneurs and as beneficiaries of the action


The main activities that are being implemented:

  • Train ICS manufacturers and installers and fuelwood producers on relevant techniques
  • Facilitate establishment and refurbishment of ICS and fuelwood production and selling centres
  • Provide BDS services to ICS and fuelwood production entrepreneurs to make their businesses profitable and sustainable
  • Provide technical support to entrepreneurs installing ICS and planting trees at buyer‟s place
  • Train buyers on operation and maintenance of ICS
  • Train households and institutions on production, management and utilization of trees for fuelwood production
  • Conduct Awareness campaigns directed at target groups to inform them about benefits and availability of ICS and fuelwood production
  • Strengthen the capacity of SCODE and CSOs to manage and implement the action
  • Use a gender responsive approach in the implementation, monitoring and evaluating the action
  • Share information and knowledge on ICS, Fuelwood and gender related issues


Countries / Countries Kenya
Duration of project 4 years
Client / partner HIVOS and SCODE
Donor European Commission, through the Energy Facility
Contact person (within ETC) Sheila Oparaocha and Tamara Flink