Date:January 24, 2013

Asian Regional Biocultural Community Protocol Initiative

ETC-COMPAS is coordinating the Asian Regional Bio-cultural Community Protocol (BCP) Initiative in partnership with Natural Justice and the League for Pastoral Peoples (LPP). The Initiative involves six community-based organisations (CBOs) in four countries. Its aims to support the further development and implementation of Biocultural Community Protocols towards multi-stakeholder dialogues and legal recognition; facilitating peer learning and exchange of experiences; documentation of lessons learned; building the capacity of law practitioners and CBOs and representatives for effective legal support; and developing biocultural rights courses and training programmes. For more information, please visit

Countries /   Countries India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
Duration of   project 2011-2013
Client /   partner Natural Justice (Malaysia), LPP (Germany)
Donor The Christensen Fund
Contact   person (within ETC) Wim Hiemstra