Date:February 26, 2014

Climate Change, Innovation and Gender (CCIG)


PROLINNOVA, international network on promoting local innovation, hosted by ETC foundation and the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) program of the Consultative Group on international Agricultural Research (CGIAR) – Theme 3 (Pro-Poor Climate Change Mitigation), have teamed up to implement this project. It seeks to demonstrate that enabling and supporting women’s local low emission agricultural innovation, providing more visibility to these innovations, and encouraging wider learning from both individual innovations and the process of innovation is crucial to sustaining women’s livelihoods and control over critical resources, improving food security and mitigating climate change. The project supports several small-scale action research pilots to generate insights and lessons on how women can be supported to innovate in a way that leads to better household food security and more equitable gender relations whilst capturing carbon. These lessons will be shared widely, through CCAFS, PROLINNOVA and other related networks and organisations.

Countries / Countries Bangladesh, Cambodia, Honduras
Duration of project 2013-2014
Client / partner DAEE (Bangladesh); CEDAC (Cambodia), FIPAH (Honduras)
Donor CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security  (CCAFS)
Contact person (within ETC) Chesha Wettasinha