Date:December 19, 2012

Energy For All

Empowering the Poor through Increasing Access to Energy / Energy for All Partnership Secretariat

In June 2009 ADB launched the Energy for All partnership, which brings together key stakeholders from business, financial institutions, governments and non government organizations, with a target to supply 100 million people with access to energy in 2015. The partnership provides a platform for cooperation, knowledge and technical exchange, innovation, and project development.

It is the task of ETC to ensure that the Energy for All Partnership is a thriving network of access to energy partners and practitioners dedicated to knowledge management, capacity building, and project development. The primary tasks of the secretariat are as follows: (i) Support to the working groups; (ii) Project identification, design and development; (iii) Resource mobilization; (iv) Information, education and communications.

More specific tasks that ETC is responsible for:

  • Assist ADB in overseeing implementation of the partnership and provide strategic advice and recommendations to ADB and the steering committee
  • Supervise day-to-day operations of the secretariat
  • Manage relationships with key partners, including private sector
  • Oversee all steering committee activities and chair meetings
  • Provide high level input on establishing priorities and targets, preparing and implementing work plans, and attracting partners and resources for working groups
  • Prepare concept notes, proposals, feasibility studies for access-to-energy projects indentified through working groups
  • Facilitate involvement of beneficiary communities in working group activities


Countries / Countries Greater Mekong Region: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Philippines,
Duration of project 3 years
Client / partner Asian Development Bank
Donor Asian Development Bank
Contact person (within ETC) Tamara Flink