Date:December 19, 2012

Innovation Africa

Innovation Africa – facilitating local food security plans

Innovation Africa is a pilot that aims to improve the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) to influence food security policies. It is funded by the EC’s Food Security Thematic Programme (FSTP), which provides most of its funds to international agricultural research institutes, but also recognises the key role that CSOs can play in promoting food security. Innovation Africa works in one district in each of the five pilot countries’ cross-border regions where the levels of food insecurity are relatively high and significant government power has been devolved.

The key capacity-building elements are:

  • bringing together a range of stakeholders at the sub-national level to understand food insecurity, coping strategies and potential solutions;
  • understanding the role of local innovation in food security through promoting farmer-led documentation and sharing;
  • developing research evidence on food availability, access and utilisation, and the stability of food security in the district; and
  • developing an understanding of the political landscape for food security, featuring analyses of key policy actors, institutions and structures.

The multistakeholder consultations, farmer-led documentation and research evidence will be used to develop a local food security plan, while the analysis of the political landscape will be translated into a policy engagement plan.

Countries / Countries Burkina Faso,   Malawi, Niger, Tanzania and Zambia
Duration of project 2010–2013
Client / partner PELUM Regional   Secretariat, World Neighbors (Burkina Faso), CRESA (Niger) PELUM network   Tanzania, PELUM network Malawi, PELUM network Zambia, Economic Social   Research Forum (Tanzania), Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA), Malawi Economic   Justice Network (MEJN)
Donor European Commission
Contact person (within ETC) Bert Lof   (