Date:October 15, 2014



With financial support of the World Bank the Mozambican government has initiated a major programme, known as PROIRRI, to strengthen irrigation development in the country. ETC has joined a consortium led by Wageningen-based Alterra tasked with building the capacity of Mozambican staff at various levels and their organizations in planning, facilitating, implementing and monitoring and evaluating irrigated agricultural development.

This is organized through the 3 year PROIRRI Capacity Development Consultancy Services Project. An important area of attention is the strengthening of existing institutes for training and higher education so that they are better placed to build capacities of future generations. ETC’s role is to help organize and use a systematic training needs assessment, contribute to the design of training modules and methods, particularly related to (participatory) extension, and bring in expertise in adult education and training of trainers.

Countries / Countries  Mozambique
Duration of project  2013-2015
Client / partner  Alterra – Wageningen; KIT – Amsterdam
Donor  World Bank
Contact person (within ETC)  Laurens van Veldhuizen