Date:April 10, 2013

Support to Results Based Financing (RBF) full proposals in Tanzania and Malawi

The Department for International Development (DFID), decided to join the EnDev Governing Board for scaling up the EnDev programme with funding from the UK’s International Climate Fund (ICF) in May 2012. Through this contribution DFID aims to provide modern energy services to people, and to test, learn from and showcase Results-Based Financing (RBF) in the energy sector. Thirty two RBF concept notes were presented to DFID and evaluated. Out of these, 12 concept notes were selected to be developed into full RBF proposals.

ETC provided technical assistance to SNV Tanzania in the formulation of a full RBF proposal based on the concept note ‘Rural Market Development for Solar Pico-PV, Lake Zone Tanzania’. In addition ETC attended to the concept note: ‘Concept for a RBF on ‘Rocket’ Chicken Brooders in Malawi ‘. In the last case focus was on a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Value for Money (VfM) calculations that that had to be added to the full Malawi proposal.

GIZ/EnDev ’s guidelines for full RBF proposals were followed, and the proposal development was backstopped by NL Agency. Before elaborating the full proposal for SNV Tanzania, ETC and SNV carried out an appraisal / support mission in the Lake Region. Regional wholesale firms and social enterprises, as well as development agencies and retailers involved in trading pico solar products were visited. In Dar es Salaam governmental agencies, 5 major banks, supplier-importers at national level were consulted. Perspectives for pico PV value chain development looked positive, reason why the full proposal was developed.

Countries /   Countries Tanzania
Duration of   project November – December 2012
Client /   partner NL Agency, SNV Tanzania
Donor GIZ
Contact   person (within ETC) Eric Kamphuis