Date:December 19, 2012

Sustainable Energy Services for Africa (SESA)

Sustainable Energy Services for Africa (SESA)

The SESA program is a Public Private Partnership programme between Philips and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The SESA initiative is a 3-year programme to develop sustainable non-exclusive distribution and marketing networks for energy services for low-income households. ETC/Triodos Facet are contracted to support the development of viable retail network for sustainable lighting products in 5 African countries with a view to bringing these products and related services to the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) market. ETC manages the two contracts under the SESA programme:

  1. The support by ETC Nederland BV and Triodos Facet BV for the management of the SESA program.
  2. The country budgets of the SESA program (2.7 M€ worth of funds spread over five sub-Saharan countries)


The programme aims to achieve the following results:

Capable entrepreneurs, and supporting local NGOs and microfinance facilities identified in 5 Sub Sahara Africa countries. Country action to support the retail network for each country.

  • Support Philips Lighting in implementing its rural marketing programme.
  • Program management and monitoring
  • Managing county action plan
  • Capacity building and support of local NGOs and enterprises
  • Intervention planning and monitoring

More information on SESA website.

Countries / Countries Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia
Duration of project 3 years
Client / partner Philips
Donor Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS)
Contact person (within ETC) Mayte de Vries